Digital Tribes Hardware Challenge

Kickoff 30th of June

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What is Digital Tribes?

The global resources sector faces $1 trillion of impact in the next 10 years from new technologies.
This impact will be driven by people with skills in data science, software development, and hardware engineering. People with curiosity and drive. People who love a challenge.
People like you.

Digital Tribes hackathons are your opportunity to see what the industry has to offer, and be part of the $1 trillion change that’s coming.

Curious about a tech career in a FTSE 100 company that’s ready for digital transformation?
Want to apply your skills to some of the largest industrial challenges around the world?
Then Digital Tribes hackathons are for you.

More details on the event, challenges, devices (Rasberry Pi Zero W), and more launching soon. Sign up to keep up to date.

More Information

Why Participate?

  • Impactful IoT challenges

    • Prizes and Glory

    • Showcase Your Skills

    Event Details

    • 30 Jun to 14 July

      Everyone needs to sign up by the 23th of June.

      Teams have a two weeks to work on their prototypes and submit their designs and video pitch online. Industry mentors will be available throughout the event.

      In Perth? There are limited co-working spaces available at the CORE Innovation Hub. Email us for details

    • Location: Online¬†
    • Location: In person in Perth at CORE Innovation Hub.¬†


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